The HONOR CAN Project


September 25, 2022 - 5pm is DEADLINE to SPONSOR US Navy (HAL-3) Seawolves Unit Honor Can Tribute for the Honor Flight. Click HERE. 

Honor Can Project WWI Veteran

Welcome to the HONOR CAN Project where we pay tribute to and keep the legacy alive of our United States Military Veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam by creating a custom Honor Can recognizing their service.

The HONOR CANS are authentic US Military Ammo Boxes made for and used by the United States Military and refurbished by wounded veterans.   

Our Mission

Our mission is to let our US Armed Service Veterans know that “their contribution” to our freedom matters. That we appreciate their sacrifice. We are grateful for their service and in most cases, for risking their lives. And by doing so, give work to wounded veterans who refurbish and craft the HONOR CANS.

Our Immediate Goals

SSgt James Gularte presenting Honor Can to Lt George E Key, WWII Veteran who fought on the shores of Normandy.
    • To Welcome Home the FIRST Vietnam Veterans Honor Flight with an HONOR CAN Tribute, the first group of 100 Vietnam Veterans will be from the US Navy (HAL-3) Seawolves Unit attending the Honor Flight San Diego to Washington, DC September 30-October 2, 2022.
    • To put a personalized HONOR CAN Tribute into the hands of every living WWII Veteran who fought on the beaches of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944. At this writing there are estimated to be approximately 2,500 D-Day Veterans remaining.

    Why Ammo Cans?

    Most military recipients have an emotional connection to the ammo can. With the customization featuring a snapshot of their service, the gift brings back memories of their time at war and their fellow service members who were lost on the battlefield or have since passed. Most veterans don’t speak of their time in the service. Many recipients of the Honor Can, begin speaking about their experiences that they have never-before shared with family and friends.

    For purple heart Veteran, SSgt Gularte and his fellow Marines, the ammo can was not just for ammunition. It played a significant role in their lives during the Vietnam War. As it did in all wars with all service branches. Not only was the box used for ammunition storage, he and his fellow soldiers used the spent Ammo Cans for washing clothes, shaving, cooking rice, cooling beer, storing letters from home and keeping their socks and food dry during the monsoon and wet seasons.

    The HONOR Can is meaningful recognition for the veteran and an heirloom to hand down to their family. It is truly an HONOR for Purple Heart Originals to create these one-of-a-kind gifts and tributes. 

    A bit of history … since the 1861 Civil War, the ammo can has been an iconic symbol of the Military. The purpose has always been to store and safely transport ammunition. The first were crafted of wood which were used in WWI. Metal ammo cans emerge at the end of WWI, yet were not mass-produced until WWII.

    THREE Ways to Participate

    Since we can't do this all by ourselves, we need your help. Here are three ways you can participate to Honor a Veteran. 

      1. SPONSOR an individual Honor Can Tribute to "Welcome Home" a US Navy (HAL-3) Seawolves Unit member - the first group of 100 Vietnam Veteran Navy Seawolves Unit attending the Honor Flight San Diego to Washington, DC September 30-October 2, 2022. Deadline is Noon, September 23, 2022. 
      2. NOMINATE a D-Day WWII Veteran who fought on the beaches of Normandy. Click Here  
      3. SPONSOR an Individual HONOR CAN for a WWII D-Day Veteran. (Link coming soon)
    Have questions? 
    Please call/text Charlene Brisson at 760-691-6966 or email Charlene@PurpleHeartOriginals.com
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