8 Ways to Promote Your Business with Custom Ammo Cans

GET BUZZ - For Your Business

You can give back in the normal course of business, while at the same time promote your business. Example at hand - custom ammo boxes that are refurbished by wounded and injured veterans. These ammo cans are authentic government issue ammo boxes made for and used by the United States Military.

Clients LOVE getting branded custom ammo cans - chances are they've never seen them before so they'll be big time impressed with your ingenuity and that you are supporting service members.  

Watch photos of your Branded Custom Ammo Can – tagged to your company – uploaded to social media.

Here's a list of 8 ways using these one-of-a-kind quality promotional products - custom ammo boxes to promote your business - and help you stand out from the competition.

  • C-Suite Gift – Want to impress the decision-makers? Personalize a Custom Ammo Can with their logo and name. Fill it with branded swag and send it as a thank you when finalizing a deal.
  • Recognize Sponsors – Struggling to find the perfect gift for the sponsors of your annual golf tournament (usually your vendors)? A branded Ammo Can will blow them away.
  • Event Activation – Marketers are always looking to provide unique customer experiences. Use your branded Custom Ammo Can as a place setting at a dinner or event. Attendees will be fighting for it at the end. Or, give it to each attendee at your conference.
  • Package a Product – Launching a new product that will fit in a 30 or 50 Cal Ammo Can? What better way to get attention. Plus, it’s easy to create a custom foam insert. Vendors, clients, customers, will love it.

Get your business out in the community with Custom Ammo Cans.

Reaching out to organizations in the community - professional or otherwise always puts your business ahead of the competition. Custom branded ammo boxes provide a simple, creative and cost effective way to contribute.

  • Sponsor an Award – Offer to sponsor an award at your professional organization or Chamber. Stand out from the rest and choose to present a Custom Ammo Can – we’ll guarantee that your award will take center stage during the event AND sit on their desk the next day for all to see. Hey – you may even get some free PR for your ingenuity.
  • Donate to Charities – A company branded Custom Ammo Can is the perfect item of quality, substance and value to give to charities looking to you to support their efforts in your community. Great silent auction item or for raffle to raise funds.

Motivate Staffers with Custom Ammo Cans. 

Branded Custom Ammo Boxes are valuable tools you can use to motivate and inspire staff.

  • Sales Target Bonus – Place a bonus check in the can and present it to your top sales people of the month or quarter.
  • Retirement Gifts – Gone are the days of a gold watch or wall plaque. If you have employees who are former military or first responders, you will want to recognize their efforts with a Customized Ammo Can – they’ll be more than honored.

Call/Text Charlene at 760-691-6966 or email support@purpleheartoriginals.com to talk about creating a Branded Custom Ammo Can to promote your business. We ship to all four corners of the United States.

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